Detlev Tesch in English

Detlev Tesch – An ordinary speaker, coach and trainer?


  • Public speaking, presentations (trainer & coach)
  • Enhancing performance and success
  • Energy Psychology, especially EmoTrance and Energy EFT (Trainers Trainer and Master Practitioner of EmoTrance and Energy EFT)
  • Making life happier and more joyful
  • Bruce Lipton’s Biology Of Belief


  • Individuals, groups, companies, organisations


  • Lived in Germany, Greece, England, France
  • Working languages: German and English
  • Original professional background: business administration and economics
  • Availability for workshops and talks: international
  • Coaching sessions, especially with Energy Psychology (EmoTrance, EFT) can be done face to face, via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone.
  • Bruce Lipton‘ go-to interpreter live on stage in German speaking countries


  • Phone: 0049-228-473792
  • Mail: Detlev Tesch
    Kuedinghovener Str. 142
    53227 Bonn, Germany

A bit of background about Detlev Tesch

I have been working as a coach and trainer since 1988. While I was doing it as a sideline at first I switched to being selfemployed in 1993. A few years later on I started to feel frustrated. Yet I did not quite realise, why.

This disquietude sent me on a quest, even if I did not know that then.

Now you might argue, that to go looking for something without knowing what I was looking for and even that I was looking at all would be a complete waste of time. And for many years I would have agreed wholeheartedly.

But in retrospect it was one of the best things that happend to me.

Well, how can that be, I hear you ask doubtfully.

Let‘s look at it this way: On this journey I came to many, many “places“ that I visited, had a good look around and usually took something with me.

This has contributed to my personal development immensely, has enlarged my knowledge base, allows me to ask more and different questions, and allows me to make new and different interventions.

On this journey there were no physical places you travel to on physical roads (although quite some travelling to different places was involved). These roads led to concepts, theories, methods etc.

There were “places“ like psychology, philosophy, biology of the brain, Transactional Analysis, Neuroliguistic Programming, Personality Factor Models and so forth.

Then, one day, I stumbled into the lands of spitituality and energy. Wow! At a single blow my world became immesurably richer.

I learned about energy fields, energy centres and energy pathways. I learned how energy can make peolpe sick or healthy. I looked into Quantum Psychology, Yoga, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, PalmTherapy, even Shamanism. I learned about family systems and constellation work. And more. At last, I learned about the field called „Energy Psychology“ and its methods – for me main ones are EmoTrance and EFT.

The energy dimension can explain a lot that had been puzzling to me.

For instance: Many people had come to my workshops who were told they had to change, and even if they themselves wanted to change success was hardly ever what I wanted it to be. It was far too limited, often shortlived. A lot of comments were along these lines: “It was a great workshop! There were many great ideas and hints and tips. But it‘s so hard to stick to that in daily life with all it‘s stresses and all the great demands from so many people…“

Of course these people were right. Back in daily life there are again our usual triggers and our usual automatic, our entrained reactions and our emotional reflexes. The brain produces them much faster than our conscious mind can ever hope to keep up with.

Thus the cognitive level is entirely the wrong place to start.

Energy psychology (I am again talking mainly about my favourite modalities EmoTrance and EFT) on the other hand opens up a new dimension, opens new ways to change and gives us a chance to create new options. Options give us freedom. As long as we do not have options we are locked in a prison.

Now we have a key, or rather a whole bunch of keys to open the door. So let‘s get out.

You‘re unsure as to how to do it? Don‘t worry. I can show you a way or two.

Come on, let‘s make life better and happier.

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